Atad-Bayanat Consulting

Data are like diamonds.

Let us help you transform a rough stone

into a precious gem.

We are a Data Consulting Agency

We turn Data into Insights

Our expertise is in finding insightful patterns in your data using artificial intelligence. And help you leverage its power.

We support Data-Driven Decisions

Our aim is to assist you with your data strategy and enable data-driven decision that deliver long-term value.

We provide Training Courses

The trainings are designed to fit your teams's specific needs and to give everyone in you compagny the skills to make the most of your data.

Our skills. Your success.

Data Valorization

Our expertise helps lay out the story behind your data and leverage it to help you identify which challenging problems are worth the effort to pursue.

Data Strategy

We support you in the design and development of your Data and Artificial Intelligence strategies across all your company's functions.

Artificial Intelligence

We help you tackle your data-driven problems with custom-build machine learning or deep learning solutions.


10+ years of scientific and industrial experiences have sharpened our business-oriented and critical “out-of-the-box” thinking on complex problems.


Beautiful and effective plots are worth a thousand words. We concisely communicate the values of your data and help you identify its gems.

Training Program

We design and teach tailored training sessions on data analytics, data visualisation, machine learning and deep learning.

Who am I?

Samia Drappeau

Samia Drappeau

Founder, Data Scientist, DataOps Enthusiast


In my previous life as a high energy astrophysicist, I have sharpened my critical thinking on complex problems.

Turned Data Scientist...

During my time as a fullstack data scientist at Continental, I have perfected my business-oriented problem solving skills.

Fervant supporter of a human-first Leadership

Both lifes have given me the opportunity to develop a leadership centered on inclusion, cooperation and communication.

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Let us help you turn your rough stones into precious gems.

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